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Zulkipli Lessy was born in Ambon as his hometown and completed elementary education there and pursued his middle school at MTs Soahuku and high school at MA Al-Fatah Ambon. Completing Tarbiyah education at UIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh (1995), he then earned the second bachelor from English Department UNY Yogyakarta in 2002. He completed his first master’s degree in Islamic education from UIN Sunan Kalijaga (1999) and another master in social work from McGill University Montreal (2005). Lastly, Zulkipli Lessy completed a PhD at the School of Social Work Indiana University (2013) with a dissertation’s focus on philanthropic charity to the indigent in Yogyakarta. The interests of Mr Lessy vary spanning culture, politics, and education. He often offered his benevolent guidance for international travellers to visit the historical sites in Yogyakarta. In terms of politics, he enjoys reading political events both national and international. Mr Lessy’s research interests are on the sociology of education, inclusive education, social work,  social welfare, and Islamic philanthropy. His curent publications were Readings in Varied Perspectives: Focus on Grammar. (Pustaka Pelajar, 2013), Pengorganisasian Masyarakat untuk Perubahan Sosial (Graha Ilmu, 2014), “Thematic-Integrative Learning Beyond Centers and Circle Time Approach at Tunas Harapan Preschool, Salatiga, Central Java” (Asia Pasific Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 2018), and “The Use of Spiritual Value in Social Work Intervention in Yogyakarta and Sarawak (up coming Dec 2018) (Sampurasun eJournal of Interdisciplinary Studies for Cultural Heritage). Some courses he teaches: Theories and History of Social Work, Social Services, Multicultural Education, Islamic Philanthropy, and Research Methodology.