The Second Day Discusses Rivalry of Islamic Streams in Media

Summer School is now entering its second day, scheduled for June 21, 2022. Today, Dr. Sunarwoto was the main speaker. His presentation was entitled, “(Re)claiming Religious Authority: Digital Activism among Indonesian Muslim Traditionalists”. The seminar took place at 09.00 WIB, half an hour later than the previous day. The seminar took place in the same place, the Prof. building. Sunarjo, 1st floor.

This seminar raises several questions. The digital world has created the adage, “I click, therefore I exist”. Not only did individuals appear, religious sects also took part. Sunarwoto narrowed the discussion to traditionalist Muslims. He defines traditionalists as Muslim groups who base their religion on madhhab. One of them is NU (Nahdlatul Ulama), the largest community organization (ormas) in Indonesia. He then collided with NU with the Salafis, a sect that always calls for a return to the Qur'an without the need to refer to any madhhab.

Salafis often viral TB (Superstition, Bid'ah and Churafat) through the digital world. The characters include Sheikh Yazid Jawaz, Dr. Firanda, Dr. Khalid Basalamah and many more. At the same time, NU is gradually showing its Islam. One of the characters is Gus Baha', K. Anwar Zahid, Gus Miftah and several other figures.

The theme of the presentation discussed the rivalry between NU and several other mass organizations that are in line with Salafis. The Salafis here are simply identified by Sunarwoto with Wahhabis. Sunarwoto pointed out that in terms of popularity, NU-based media are still above Salafi-Wahhabi-based media. After a lengthy presentation, the seminar was ended by a discussion with the presenters. The event then continued on a break for coffee together.

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