Doctoral Program (S3)



Excellence and Leading in preparing an International Doctor of Islamic Studies in 2032


  1. Organizing an integrative-interconnective, transformative, multicultural, and inclusive Doctoral level education.

  2. Carry out research and development of Islamic and scientific studies that are contributive to the treasures of civilization.

  3. Carry out community service for the advancement of civilization within the framework of the universality of Islamic values ​​and Indonesian diversity.

  4. Develop cooperation with various parties who have the same views and commitments in building an Islamic society, more democratic, multicultural, and just.


  1. To produce a doctorate in the field of Islamic studies with scientific mastery that is integrative-interconnective, transformative, multicultural, and inclusive.

  2. To produce a doctorate in the field of Islamic studies who is professional and has scientific integrity and has a noble personality.

  3. Produce a doctorate in the field of Islamic studies who are able to actualize themselves in society.

  4. Produce quality scientific publications and contribute to the development of science and civilization.

  5. Build a strong and functional network with other institutions that have the same vision in the development of Islamic scholarship.

  6. Become a reference for other universities in Indonesia in the development of Islamic studies for the advancement of civilization.

  7. Gaining recognition as a regional and international center of excellence for Islamic studies.


Postgraduate School of UIN Sunan Kalijaga organizes Doctoral Programs (S3) for regular classes and international classes. The Doctoral Program is carried out by taking theoretical courses for 2-3 semesters (I – III). The concentrations offered in the Doctoral program are as follows:


  1. Islamic Studies (SI)

  2. Islamic Economics (EI)

  3. History of Islamic Culture (SKI)

  4. Islamic Education Management (KI)

  5. Study of the Qur'an and Hadith (SQH)

  6. Islamic Law and Social Institutions (IHPSI)

  7. Islamic Early Childhood Education (PAUDI)

  8. Islamic Library and Information Science (IPII)

  9. Middle East Studies (KTT)

  10. Interfaith Studies (SAI)


  1. Islamic Thought and Moslem Societies (ITMS)

  2. al-Dirasat al-Islamiyya wa al-Arabiyya (DIA)